Visiting professor to present ‘Black Hole Information Paradox’

Dr. Netta Engelhardt will be presenting “The Black Hole Information Paradox: A Resolution on the Horizon?” at 2 p.m., April 7 via Zoom. Use the Zoom Meeting ID: 4179547349  and Password: Physics.

Dr. Engelhardt is the Biedenharn Career Development assistant professor of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She works on quantum gravity, primarily within the framework of the AdS/CFT correspondence. Her research focuses on understanding the dynamics of black holes in quantum gravity, leveraging insights from the interplay between gravity and quantum information via holography. Her current primary interests revolve around the black hole information paradox, the thermodynamic behavior of black holes, and the cosmic censorship hypothesis (which conjectures that singularities are always hidden behind event horizons).

The Watkins Visiting Professorship was created in 1974 by the Watkins Foundation. This grant is now provided through the Watkins fund, a part of the Wichita State University Foundation’s endowment. For more information about this lecture series, contact Dr. David Eichhorn at (316) 978-6659.