Reminder: Qualtrics is WSU’s designated survey software

This is a reminder for all students, faculty and staff who send out surveys to use Qualtrics. Wichita State has a license for Qualtrics, which became the official institutional survey software in 2012.

Qualtrics can be used for research purposes, program review, nominations, elections, applications and much more. Listed below are some of the benefits of using Qualtrics for your survey needs:

  • The program reduces overall cost as the university has a site license for Qualtrics, so users do not have to pay any other third-party vendor.
  • There is access to the Qualtrics Support Site to help users with survey design, methodology and survey questions.
  • Members have access to on-campus survey experts to optimize their survey and response rate.
  • Qualtrics ensures that users get accurate email lists of students, faculty and staff for their survey.
  • Qualtrics educes survey fatigue as it can create reduced samples that more approximately target your survey population.
  • Qualtrics sends reminders, follow-ups and thank you emails to survey recipients.
  • Users can view analytics of create reports, including filtered results within Qualtrics.
  • Users can avoid getting marked as a spammer by sending surveys through Qualtrics rather than through their myWSU email.
  • Users can create surveys with embedded video, audio and graphics.
  • Users can create surveys that only show appropriate questions to each user using skip logic and survey flow.
  • Users can export data directly to (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Comma Separated Value (CSV) format or Portable Document Format PDF.

If you need an account, would like training, or have questions please contact Whitney Crager in the Office of Planning and Analysis at 316-978-5350 or