KU professor to speak on refugees

You are invited for the first speaker event in the Center for Educational Technology to Assist Refugee Learners (CETARL) Speaker Series.

Dr. Hong Tien Vu, associate professor of journalismt at the University of Kansas. will present “Expecting the unexpected: Lessons learned from researching refugees in the United States” at 3 p.m. April 7 via Zoom.

Refugees have become parts of communities across the United States. They are increasingly considered digital migrants, whose technology use plays an important role in their integration process.  In this talk, Vu will share his experience in researching refugees and digital use in the United States. Vu will discuss the challenges that he and his team had in approaching, working with, and conducting a research project on refugee communities in Kansas. What are the practical considerations of accessing refugees? These may include working with gatekeepers, collaborating with agencies/NGOs, and other logistical challenges. Vu will also talk about possible opportunities for interdisciplinary research in the future on this vulnerable population, with regards to their use of digital technology.

For inquiries about the event or to get the Zoom link, contanct Dr. Mythili Menon at mythili.menon@wichita.edu.