Do you provide support for students with academic, personal, financial, or other non-academic challenges? You are advancing SEM Goal 3.2

Everyone on campus plays a direct or indirect role in the recruitment and retention of our students.  Promoting student success is at the heart of what we do. Check out the featured strategy this week to see how it aligns with work in your area:

Strategy 3.2: Prioritize outreach to students needing higher levels of service and support;  Improve efforts to coordinate support to students to address the range of support needs that students have; Deliver targeted support for students with personal, financial, and other non-academic challenges.

Ideas for the classroom: Make students aware of resources available to them through the Office of Student Success (time management, money management, note and test-taking skills); make referrals to your college success coach or the CARE team as appropriate; encourage students to get connected on campus to have a peer support network; include a supplemental student instructor (SI) for traditionally challenging classes.

Ideas beyond the classroom: Engage in targeted outreach to select student populations expressing interest in their success and directing them to valuable resources.

Shout-outs to: The staff in Counseling and Prevention Services (CAPS), our CARE team, WSU’s Financial Aid team, and all of WSU’s academic advisors and specialized advisors who excel at advancing SEM Strategy 3.2.

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