Bridge programs advance SEM goal 3.11

Our new SEM 2025 goals include expanding our enrollments to 17,000 students, increasing our first to second-year retention rate to 75%, and closing the equity gap for our underserved students.  Everyone on campus plays a direct or indirect role in the recruitment and retention of our students.  Promoting student success is at the heart of what we do.

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Strategy 3.11 Create summer bridge programs for students with identified needs to transition smoothly into the college setting

Ideas beyond the classroom: Faculty and staff should create programming targeted at a specific incoming student population that helps them connect with peers, identify support resources on campus and refresh academic skills in preparation for the semester. Groups can be linked to planned majors, first-generation students or other student populations.

Shout-outs: The Office of Diversity and Inclusion for their Passage 2 Success program, the Shocker Engineering Academy program in Engineering and the Student Affairs, and the Math, English and Communication departments for their new Launch Week plans for fall 2022 which all help advance Strategy 3.11.

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