View CARE Team Data for February

CARE Team exists to support students through difficulty by connecting them with the resources and help they need to succeed academically and personally. During February, the CARE Team witnessed an increase of 56.45% of cases. When comparing February 2021 to February 2022, there was no change.

The CARE Team also provided a list of concerns they saw in February:

  • Academic concerns or anxiety due to the increase of academic demands
  • Grief and loss for many students who have lost loved ones to COVID
  • Increase in emotional concerns due to academics and self-reporting struggling

What the CARE Team expects to see in March:

  • Increase of academic concerns as students are finishing up midterms and exams
  • Increased anxiety about graduation
  • Mood improvement with the beginning of daylight saving time

What staff and faculty can do to help students:

  • Get connected to Counseling and Protection Services (CAPS) 316-978-4792 to support mental and emotional health and well-being.
  • ShockerSync and S.E.A.L to encourage students to get connected to groups and organizations.
  • Encourage the practice of self-care by staying hydrated, being well rested, exercising and encouraging students to make time for themselves.

For more information or to submit a concern, visit the CARE Team website.