Take advantage of March HealthQuest events

Employees enrolled in 2022 coverage through the State Employee Health Plan can earn a premium discount worth $480 annually and Health Savings Account (HSA)/Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) reward dollars up to $500 per year for each employee and covered spouse, just by participating and logging healthy activities throughout the year.

In March, there are six events currently scheduled worth up to 37 credits.

11 p.m. March 29, HealthQuest Wellness Webinar “Kansas Learning Quest 529 Plans.” (one credit)

Now is a good time to take advantage of some of the on-demand and online options to earn HealthQuest points.

  • Online Wellness Assessment: You can earn ten points for completing this assessment.
    2022 HealthQuest Program overview Video and Quiz: You can earn three points for watching this video and completing the short quiz.
  • Virtual Health Coaching Sessions: You can earn up to 15 points (max one health coaching per day, one point each) by scheduling Health Coaching Sessions. You can choose a health coach who is a nurse (RN), a dietitian or a trainer when scheduling sessions.
  • Learning Modules: You can earn up to 12 points by completing on-demand learning modules in the HealthQuest portal. There are many different topics to choose from.
  • EAP On-Demand Trainings: You can earn up to 10 points combined by completing EAP On-Demand trainings that you can access through the HealthQuest portal and attending EAP webinars (max one point per day).
  • Kansas Public Employees Retirement System Financial Wellness Learning Module: You can earn 10 points by completing this five-week learning module.