F1RST-Gen Friday: Deltha Q. Colvin

This week as TRIO celebrates, National TRIO Week, the First-Gen Coordinating Council (FGCC) is honored to feature Deltha Q. Colvin, associate vice president for the Office of Special Programs in the Division of Strategic Engagement and Planning. Colvin was a graduate of the Upward Bound program at WSU— the first TRIO program established at Wichita State — 55 years ago. She is an example of the TRIO experience, starting as a first-generation college student who dedicated her entire career to expanding educational opportunities for disadvantaged students.

Colvin has been professionally involved with the TRIO Programs at WSU for 49 years. She remains steadfast in her work and dedicates her time and energies toward providing opportunities to students engaged with the TRIO programs at WSU. She now oversees three TRIO college programs, eight pre-college programs and two of the GEAR-UP programs which all cater to the educational, financial, social, and emotional needs of first-gen students.

For more information about TRIO programs, visit WSU’s Office of Special Programs website.