Join Dr. Muma and President’s Executive Team for employee appreciation day

Employee Appreciation Day is Friday, March 4. To extend appreciation for all employees, President Rick Muma and other members of the President’s Executive Team will host a come-and-go event with light refreshments 2-3 p.m. March 4 at the Rhatigan Student Center (first floor, Bluestem Room).

Showing appreciation for employees: Tips for supervisors

We know leaders are always looking for ways to show appreciation for faculty and staff often on tight budgets and in some cases, with a hybrid work team. While budgets may be tight and you may need to account for some of your team not being in-person, it is still important for leaders to show their employees that they are valued both as people and for the work they contribute to the university.

Below are a few ideas for leaders to show appreciation for their employees. There are no-cost and low-cost ideas and there are some creative ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day modified for a hybrid work team. These tips give you some ideas, but the main point is to show appreciation however you find meaningful. You know your team–get creative and make sure you  don’t miss the opportunity to express your appreciation:

  • Make cookies or snacks and bring them in for everyone or consider having a department pot luck lunch with a fun activity to show appreciation for each team member.
  • Host a virtual Employee Appreciation Day. Choose a fun theme, ask everyone to dress up (optional) and find virtual backgrounds that go along with your theme. You can ask your leader (next up the chain) to share an encouraging message or to facilitate a fun game for employees.
  • Write a handwritten note to your staff and personalize it with recognizing something they have done that has made a positive impact on your team.
  • Make a sign for each of your employees that says “I appreciate (insert employee name)” and place the sign on the employee’s work-space entry. Provide sticky notes to all team members and have them write a note about why they appreciate their team member and affix it on the sign.
  • Have a drawing to give away prizes during a Zoom call. Prizes can be university swag already on hand, and you can use to pick winners.
  • Create a Kudo Board to celebrate employees with an online group card filled with messages, GIFs, photos and videos.
  • Share praise received from customers. This shows employees that their work matters and may give them a needed boost.
  • Create a Hall of Fame where leaders can recognize someone in their division or college who made an extraordinary contribution to the institution’s ability to meet objectives in the past year.

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