Disaster Resilience Analytics Center Seminar Series features Dr. Alison Specht

Faculty and staff are invited to watch the next edition of the Disaster Resilience Analytics Center Seminar Series featuring Dr. Alison Specht noon-1 p.m. Feb. 18 via Zoom. The presentation is titled “Achieving Open Science Outcomes with Multi-Faceted Teams: Learning from the Coalface.” Specht is an environmental scientist with broad expertise in research, teaching and community engagement.

In the past 10 years, Specht has focused on facilitating interdisciplinary groups to tackle complex environmental problems using existing data. Specht’s major interests, apart from her domain activities, are to enhance collaboration between scientists, policy-makers and managers to improve environmental outcomes and improve data management and preservation, data sharing and re-use.

During the presentation, Specht will discuss how a researcher can identify good quality data and code for use, give examples of the use of infrastructures of various sorts that may assist a research team to achieve their goal, how a project can be best presented within the academic community to ensure commentary and uptake, and how the participant can most benefit from engaging in the open-access world.