SNVC Competition: Win money to launch a business

Learn to launch a business at the Shocker New Venture Competition (SNVC). During this three-round competition, students will gain experience pitching, networking and developing a business model while also being provided invaluable feedback.

Applications to compete will be accepted until March 31. The timeline for the competition is as follows:

  • March 31: Applications, including a three-minute video, are due and round one commences.
  • April 1-7: Judging of business model videos
  • April 8: Round one, results announced
  • April 13: Required workshop for teams advancing to trade show
  • April 19: Reception for teams in trade show (attendance required)
  • April 22: Round two, trade show
  • April 29: Round three, finals

For more information, visit Wichita State’s SNVC website.