Do you take steps to make transfer to WSU easy? You are advancing SEM Goal 2.4

To successfully advance our new SEM 2025 Plan, we need engagement campus-wide. We want to grow our student body and see greater student success through improved retention and more equity for our underserved students.

Check out the featured strategy this week to see if it aligns with work in your area:

Objective 2.4.7: Advance initiatives to smooth the process for students to transfer to WSU.

More than half of Wichita State’s new students each year bring in transfer credits with them.

Ideas for the classroom:  Share department connection opportunities in upper-division classes (clubs, honors societies, research or internship experiences) – transfer students may not have heard about these opportunities. Share with your non-traditional students that we have an Office of Adult Learning that provides a number of services to support them.

Ideas beyond the classroom: Complete articulation agreements with community college partners so classes readily transfer, promote dual advising for transfer students before they enter a WSU program and work with community college partners to align courses for equivalency.

Shout-out to: John Perry and the Barton School of Business for updating and establishing new agreements with more than 22 community colleges and building bridges with two-year institutions, including partnerships with WSU Tech.

For more information, contact Dr. Carolyn Shaw at 316-978-7130