Do you evaluate the success of your recruitment and retention efforts? This advances SEM Goal 2.1

To successfully advance our new SEM 2025 Plan, we need engagement all across campus. We want to grow our student body and see greater student success through improved retention and more equity for our underserved students.

Check out the featured strategy this week to see if it aligns with work in your area:

Strategy 2.1: Regularly assess recruitment practices to leverage our most impactful efforts and promote continuous improvement for each initiative.

Assessment Ideas: Identify the desired outcomes for specific recruitment activities and communications. These can include a number of participants or media engagements (likes or shares), positive feedback on a post-event survey or contacts collected for future outreach.  Ask for suggestions for improvements. By collecting and evaluating feedback, we can focus our energy and resources on our most productive activities. We can help each other by sharing our successful ideas with others.

For more information, contact Dr. Carolyn Shaw at 316-978-7130