Participate in IEP survey

Wichita State students are invited to fill out the Innovation and Economic Prosperity (IEP) survey now through Feb. 25. All responses will be kept confidential, and all identifying information will be removed.

In fall  2019, Wichita State began pursuing the IEP designation from the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities (APLU).

The IEP designation program helps higher education institutions better know, measure, tell and enhance their economic and community development impact while recognizing institutions that have demonstrated a substantive, sustainable and institution-wide commitment to and strategy for regional economic engagement, growth and economic opportunity. In Kansas, both Kansas State University and the University of Kansas have received this designation, as well as 70 other universities across the country.

WSU’s APLU IEP submission will be based on our Strategic Plan Goals and documented activities through the Strategic Planning Dashboard Submissions. It aligns with what higher education institutions have been tasked with by the Kansas Board of Regents through their Building a Future strategic plan and the Department of Commerce Framework for Growth plan, as well as President Rick Muma’s goals and priorities.

At the heart of the IEP Universities program is promoting institutional change to maximize the impact of research, learning and engagement on the regional economy and society, and that’s where we need the help of Wichita State students.

The WSU IEP team wants to hear from students to get their feedback about where WSU needs to go from here, what direction the university needs to go in, what WSU needs to get done to move in that direction and what solutions does the university need to have to move forward.

For more information, please contact