View Perspective videos on Fairmount College YouTube channel

Campus and community members who missed Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Perspectives talks can now access them on YouTube. Each of the Perspectives series addressed current topics of interest and featured experts from a variety of fields. Fairmount College Dean Andrew Hippisley hosted each series. All the talks can be viewed on the Fairmount College YouTube channel.

Perspectives on the Pandemic, Part I: Topics include influenza pandemics since the Russian Flu, modeling the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19’s impact on local public health practice and policy and searching for a COVID-19 vaccine and therapeutics.

Perspectives on the Pandemic, Part II: Topics include COVID-19’s impact on world democracies, opportunities for city and community changes after the pandemic, COVID-19’s effect on incarcerated people and their families, COVID-19 health disparities and COVID-19’s influence on the performing arts.

Reestablishing Reality: Topics include science and bias, current parallels with The Big Lie, motivation for ignoring facts, African-American narratives and sharing misinformation online.

Legacies of Racism in American Culture: Topics include the Bible and race in American Christian cultures; Jim Crow in the business world, becoming an American citizen and labor representation at the insurrection.