Connecting with alumni and the community? You are advancing SEM Goal 1.3

During fall 2021, Wichita State launched its new 2025 Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Plan with the overarching goals of expanding enrollments to 17,000 students, increasing first to second-year retention rate to 75%, and closing the equity gap for underserved students. The success of the new plan is dependent on the contributions of everyone on campus.

Check out the featured strategy this week to see if it aligns with work in your area.

Strategy 1.3: Promote greater campus connections with alumni and community supporters who can become ambassadors for the university with pride in and knowledge of the latest campus developments.

  • Ideas for the classroom: Invite alumni or experts in the community to your class or to a department event to share their knowledge and connect them to current students. Share with alumni and community experts the newest developments in your program.
  • Ideas beyond the classroom: Develop and distribute regular newsletters for your area that reach an external audience. Include promotion through social media. Invite alumni to meet with prospective students to share the value of their WSU experiences.
  • Shout-out: The College of Health Professions has actively engaged its more than 9,000 alumni by creating a family photo album and bringing alumni back to campus for visits. 

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