‘Let’s Talk About It’ drops final podcast episode of 2021

“Let’s Talk About It” — Season 2 Episode 4: Social Justice

We’ve seen a significant increase in social justice efforts both locally and nationally throughout the past two years. From civil rights to a global pandemic, we’ve hit a turning point and many have launched into action as a result. Today, we’ll be discussing social justice efforts with several guests who have been in the trenches doing this work for years. How do we maintain momentum and continue to make progress? Today’s episode features:

  • Selena Jackson (she/her) — Staff psychologist and group therapy coordinator for WSU Counseling & Prevention Services
  • Brandon Johnson (he/him) — Wichita city council person & vice mayor
  • Kevin Harrison — WSU Community Engagement Coordinator
  • David Garcia — WSU student and Director of Public Relations for the Wichita State Student Government Association

About “Let’s Talk About It”: The mission of the FUSE ICT is to prepare and inspire students to achieve their true passion and purpose; while providing the tools, opportunities, and diverse programming options for them to grow. One of the most effective tools that we have to spark dialogue and unearth passion is dialogue. Our goal with “Let’s Talk About it” is to create a safe, comfortable and casual environment that will foster connection with diverse people in an effort to create meaning, ask questions and start honest conversations about the topics that matter most to college students today.