Kansas NASA EPSCoR program requesting proposals for NASA Notice of Funding Opportunity

The Kansas NASA Established Program (KNEP) to Stimulate Competitive Research Program is seeking proposals for eventual submission to a NASA fiscal year 2022 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). This research opportunity, previously a cooperative agreement notice (CAN), includes up to $750,000 in funding for three years. All NASA EPSCoR monies must be cost-shared at a level of at least 50% with non-federal monies.

The CAN efforts must include the following:

  • Contribute to and promote the development of research capability in NASA EPSCoR jurisdictions (e.g., Kansas) in areas of strategic importance to the NASA mission.
  • Improve the capabilities of the NASA EPSCoR jurisdictions to gain support from sources outside the NASA EPSCoR program.
  • Develop partnerships among NASA research assets, academic institutions and industry.
  • Contribute to the overall research infrastructure and economic development of NASA EPSCoR jurisdictions.

Interested investigators can submit proposals directly to KNEP (not NASA). The KNEP deadline is noon Jan. 14, 2022. Following reviews, KNEP will recommend one proposal for final preparation and submission to NASA.

For more information, contact KNEP director at scott.miller@wichita.edu or nasainkansas@wichita.edu.