Earn a $25 QuikTrip gift card or $25 Shocker Dollars

The Office of Assessment is offering freshman and senior students a chance to earn a $25 QuikTrip gift card or $25 in Shocker Dollars if they complete the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) through Dec. 17. The CLA is a 90-minute open-ended assessment. 

Why Take the CLA?

  • The CLA is good practice for test-taking for graduate school entrance exams, including Graduate Record Examinations.
  • Students can add it to their résumé.
  • Some students say the CLA is fun because the questions are unlike those on typical tests.
  • The CLA represents WSU in comparison to other schools.
  • Students can receive a score report that compares them to other seniors at colleges and universities nationwide and with other seniors at WSU.
  • The CLA can influence teaching at WSU for years to come.