President Muma’s ‘Forward Together’ podcast launches today

President Muma’s ‘Forward Together’ podcast launches today

A new podcast about all things Shocker Nation has launched. 

“Forward Together” will be hosted each month during the fall and spring semesters by President Rick Muma. 

The “Forward Together” podcast celebrates the vision and mission of Wichita State University. In each episode, President Muma will talk with guests from throughout Shocker Nation to highlight the people and priorities that guide WSU on its road to becoming an essential educational, cultural and economic driver for Kansas and the greater good. 

The podcast borrows its name from the monthly campus/community newsletter, “Forward Together,” which you should have received yesterday. The podcast is an opportunity to hear about similar university topics first-hand from President Muma and his guests. There is also a video version of the podcast available. 

November’s episode: 
In this inaugural edition, we focus on digital transformation in the arts. We’re joined by Shocker alum Dean Hargrove — writer, director and producer, whose credits include “Columbo” and “Matlock” — and Wichita State’s dean of the College of Fine Arts, Dr. Rodney Miller.

How to listen:
“Forward Together” is available at Spotify, Amazon Podcasts, Apple Podcasts (iTunes), and, Coming soon, it will also be available wherever you get your podcasts. When you subscribe, you’ll be notified when new episodes drop.