Tips for email safety best practices

Wichita State University will never send you a request to fill out a survey about your COVID-19 vaccination status or to provide any other personal private information via email. COVID-19 phishing emails are often more successful because of the focus and concern that many share over the pandemic or changes in regulations. 

If you have received an email that you are concerned about, send it to

Other tips for email safety: 

  • Never provide personal information to sources that you do not recognize and/or that you cannot validate. 
  • We will never ask you for your password. 
  • Never send credit card or social security numbers over email.  
  • Never purchase gift cards from email requests. 
  • Phishing emails often want to text you: This is to get around protections our email system provides. Be careful texting people from email 
  • The yellow banner does not indicate the message is untrusted, only that it came from outside of WSU. This information helps you to provide context if a message is a concern or not.  

Cyber security takes all of us. If you have questions, please contact