Child participants requested for writing study

Dr. Karissa Marble-Flint, assistant professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders, and her team of students in speech-language pathology are requesting participants who have completed the fourth and fifth grades for a study about typically developed children and children who struggle with writing. The study will help provide information to speech-language pathologists, teachers and parents about writing strategies presented via a video-conferencing platform to help students.

Participants will be required to participate in four writing sessions via Zoom. The total time required for all four sessions will be approximately three and a half hours. Breaks will be provided to participants. Participants will receive a book for their participation, and parents will receive scores from oral and written language assessments.

For more information contact Julia (Schneider) Sitz, undergraduate research assistant, at To have your child participate in the study, contact Marble-Flint at 316-978-6356 or