‘Economics Bites on the Go’ features Dr. Edward Timmons

The next “Economics Bites on the Go” will take place at noon Nov. 12 via Zoom. The episode will feature behavioral economist Dr. Edward Timmons will discuss “The Cost of Occupational Licensing in Kansas and Beyond.”

Timmons is the director of the Knee Center for the Study of Occupational Regulation and a service associate professor of economics from West Virginia University.

“Economics Bites on the Go”  was created by Wichita State’s Department of Economics and the Institute for the Study of Economic Growth. The aim is to provide students and faculty members an opportunity to interact with top-tier economists.

Each talk lasts one hour. For the first 20 minutes, Siyu Wang, WSU Economics Department assistant professor, asks students questions that provoke the guest speakers into a deeper examination of their work and how they see the world. The guest speaker then has 20 minutes to summarize their life-long research. The last 20 minutes is Q&A time, with students and professors interacting with the guest speaker and asking any questions they have in mind.

The Zoom meeting ID is 379-883-4810, and the passcode is 200.