COVID supply chain shortage affects WSU products

The current pandemic-related supply chain issues are affecting everyone worldwide, including the Shocker Community.

According to an article in PPB Newslink, the situation started with a shortage of factory workers in China and other factories worldwide that produce raw materials, components and finished products, coupled with an increase in shipping costs for imported materials and products. The transportation issue was exacerbated due to the scarcity and cost of shipping containers, available space on ships and a shortage of dockworkers to unload the ships once they got to the U.S. ports.

According to Ellen Abbey, Wichita State director of Auxiliary Services, the supply chain has caused a backlog of products and supplies offered at Wichita State, including Shocker Printing Solutions and Central Services Supply. This includes T-shirts, as there is a shortage of raw materials to make yarn, and other printed products. There is also an increase in shipping from both UPS and FedEx, even sometimes causing the shipping to cost more than the item purchased.

While the supply chain issues continue Abbey advises customers of both Shocker Printing and Central Services Supply to plan ahead and to make sure they have the resources to print materials and hold events.