Develop a plan for graduation

Enrollment will open soon. Have you done your degree audit and met with a faculty and academic advisor? Do you know how many credits you will need to complete next year? To accomplish these tasks, students should consider enrolling in a pre-session or summer class to help them reach 30 hours without overwhelming themselves during the fall or spring semesters. This schedule would be similar to the following example:

15 (fall) + 15 (spring) = 30
3 (pre-session) + 12 (fall) + 15 (spring) = 30
12 (fall) + 12 (spring) + 6 (summer) = 30
3 (pre-session) + 12 (fall) + 12 (spring) + 3 (summer) = 30

No matter how you build your 30 hours, you have the potential to graduate earlier, begin your career sooner, reduce your student loan debt and increase your GPA. Talk to your advisor about options you may have.