EHS offers chemical, paint disposal to University Departments

Departments neeeding to dispose any old or expired waste chemicals, paints, batteries and light bulbs should submit a Facilities Services work order to Wichita State’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) department. Once EHS receives the form, they will schedule a pick-up time with the requesting department to remove the waste.

Old, expired or unwanted chemicals being stored in departments can create potential hazards for employees and students. Proper disposal of these items is important to maintain a healthy environment and to stay compliant with state and federal requirements.

Only wastes generated by University faculty, staff, and students will be accepted for disposal. Personal household wastes will not be accepted. Personal items can be disposed of at the Sedgwick County Household Hazardous Waste facility.

Please do not drop off wastes at WSU Facilities Services.

In addition to following proper chemical disposal procedures, members should not move chemical containers that have crystals or powder build-up on the container or around the lid. These containers may be shock-sensitive and can explode.

Members who discover chemical containers with crystals or powder build-up should immediately contact Andrew Clem at 316-978-7904.