Log in today: Final days of benefits open enrollment

Open enrollment for 2022 closes Sunday, Oct. 31 at 11:59 p.m. Members who haven’t submitted their enrollment by that time will be enrolled in a default medical plan. Members who waived medical coverage in 2021 will continue to be waived in 2022 if they do not submit an enrollment.

Still need help making your 2022 election decision? Don’t worry, just ASK ALEX!

The Total Rewards team has created multiple instructional documents with images of the portal and step-by-step instructions. Get help with:

The Total Rewards Team is not available for walk-in traffic or to make individual appointments regarding open enrollment. Please take advantage of the scheduled virtual and in-person presentations, as well as on-demand options. For additional information visit the Open Enrollment Website. Any questions should be directed to TotalRewards@wichita.edu.