Learn to use BeoShock

The next training session for BeoShock is 1-4 p.m. Oct. 14 and will take place both online and in person. The location of the training will be announced at a later date.

BeoShock, Wichita State University’s high-performance computing cluster, is available to students, faculty and staff. Since its implementation, it has helped accelerate research and provided valuable computing experiences for students.

Named BeoShock after “Beowulf,” the computing cluster has two large GPUs and 720 CPU cores. As a comparison, most end-user computing devices have one CPU having between one and eight total cores.

This training session will be given at an introductory level so no prior experience with any HPC system is required. The two primary goals of this training are to help minimize the obstacles new users encounter and to improve their productivity with the system. The training agenda is as follows:

  • Hour 1: Introduction to Linux and command-line.
  • Hour 2: Introduction to BeoShock and the scheduler.
  • Hour 3: Open OnDemand and a question and answer session.

For participants who want to follow along with the  training, it is highly recommended that they request an account on BeoShock if they do not already have one.