Public Health Sciences students awarded $10,000

Wichita State’s HEALTH  (Health Education Advocates for Leadership, Teamwork, and Humanity) Student Association in the Department of Public Health Sciences (PHS) was recently awarded $10,000 in grants as part of the Kansas Beats The Virus initiative. The funds will be used to support the promotion of COVID-19 testing and vaccination, and to engage in targeted, on-campus risk reduction.

HEALTH was founded in 2005 by students in the Department of Public Health Sciences. It is currently led by President Shazia Ahmed, vice-president Storm Dial, secretary Cheyenne Nguyen, and treasurer Kari Coster. Dr. Amy Drassen Ham serves as HEALTH faculty advisor, and Tara Nolen (a former HEALTH President) and PHS adjunct instructor, serves as the community advisor.

Since its inception, HEALTH has conducted more than 50 applied community development projects related to campus tobacco, sexual health, mental health and COVID-19.