Seeking volunteers for false medical alarm study

Graduate students from the Human Factors Psychology Department are requesting volunteers for a study is to assess the impact of a varying number of false medical alarms on the stress, performance and mental workload of an operator, while engaged in another task. The study will take place at McKinley Hall (room 102).


During this study, the subject will perform two tasks simultaneously:

  • The first task will involve monitoring a stream of alarms – responding to only the true alarms while ignoring the false alarms.
  • The second task will consist of an N-back task (a continuous performance task that is commonly used as an assessment in psychology and cognitive neuroscience to measure a part of working memory and working memory capacity).
  • Data will be collected regarding the subject’s performance of, and mental work during, the completion of the two tasks.


  • Approximately 60 minutes.

Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria:

  • Participants must be age 18 years or older.
  • Subjects must have normal or corrected to normal vision
  • Subjects must have normal or corrected to normal hearing
  • Subjects must be fluent in English.

Participants will receive four SONA credits

For more information, or to participate in this study,  contact Dr. Carryl Baldwin or Shivani Nagrecha at 316-368-1671, or email