Shocker 360 app tracks beyond-the-classroom experiences

Wichita State students now have access to Shocker 360, an app that lets students log their beyond-the-classroom experiences, use to earn points, and share those experiences with potential employers. 

Through the Shocker 360 app, students can add to their knowledge base through extracurricular experiences such as attending panel discussions, working on research, applied learning and internships, social activities, and seminars. Then through those experiences, students build their competencies in six key areas that employers look for when hiring:

  • Diversity, inclusion and global engagement
  • Civic engagement
  • Career exploration
  • Research, creative and scholarly activities
  • Leadership development
  • Academic success, peer engagement and Shocker pride

“All the things you do behind your coursework are making you a more interesting and employable person,” said Dr. Carolyn Shaw, associate vice president for strategic enrollment management.