Teaching this fall: Questions about the classroom, campus

As we work to return to a more normal campus environment for fall, the COVID-19 Operations group would like to highlight some FAQs related to classroom instruction. Additional questions can be directed to Carolyn.shaw@wichita.edu to be addressed by this operational group.

FAQs Set #4:  Questions about the Classroom and Campus

  • Do Instructors have to provide alternative, online content for students without asking if the request is COVID-19 related?
    • No. But Instructors need to accommodate students who have registered with the Office of Disability Services (ODS). Instructors should be flexible as they would be with any student who is ill. Instructors should not request documentation of health conditions.
  • Can I require in-person attendance?
    • Students are expected to meet the stated requirements for their courses. Students should use the wichita.edu/fall2021webpage to identify courses that work best for their needs. If a student believes they have a condition which requires accommodation where they cannot attend in person, they should contact the Office of Disability Services. Faculty will work with ODS to meet these identified accommodations.
    • However, instructors are encouraged consider ways other than in-person attendance to assess participation and/or engagement. These alternative approaches can help ensure we do not disincentivize people to stay home or quarantine when sick. Instructors should ask students to monitor themselves for COVID-19 symptoms and instruct students who feel ill to not attend in-person meetings.