Teaching this fall: Questions about health

As we work to return to a more normal campus environment for fall, the COVID Operations group would like to highlight some FAQs related to classroom instruction. Additional questions can be directed to Carolyn.shaw@wichita.edu to be addressed by this operational group.

FAQs Set #6:  Questions about health

  • Can instructors ask students if they have been vaccinated?
    • We cannot ask questions that violate people’s privacy.
  • Can instructors require students to be vaccinated if they want to be in-person?
    • We can encourage people to take advantage of getting a vaccine but cannot require it.
  • How can instructors manage a situation where a student doesn’t feel safe to attend in-person classes?
    • Instructors have been asked to provide information in advance regarding their in-person expectations for classes next semester in order for students to make informed decisions about enrolling. Students can be encouraged to visit with their advisor to see if an online option is available for them. Instructors may consider replicating in-person learning experiences in a remote or online format when their program provides only one section of a course.
    • The emotional, financial and social disruptions caused by COVID-19 uncertainty have created serious challenges for many of our students. It is important that instructors refer students who might need assistance to the WSU CARE Team to learn options for addressing mental health and wellness during COVID-19.
    • If a student believes they have a condition which requires accommodation where they cannot attend in person, they should contact the Office of Disability Services. Instructors will work with ODS to meet these identified accommodations.
    • There may be some classroom management options that will help a student feel more comfortable. For example, suggest that they arrive early and leave last so they do not have to get too close to others as they enter the room.

Additional FAQs about teaching this fall can be found on the COVID-19 university webpage.