New position action request form effective July 19

The systems conversions to support market-based compensation will take place July 19, and the procedure and form to request, review, approve and process the following employment actions for all benefit-eligible faculty and staff positions are changing: 

  • Search (new and replacement) 
  • Non-search (search waiver and emergency hire) 
  • Workforce transitions (promotions, demotions, and transfers)
  • Off-cycle pay change requests (pay changes that occur outside the annual cycle, which is the beginning of a fiscal year)    

The Position Action Request (PAR) form is a multi-purpose form that consolidates and replaces the following: 

  • Position exception form 
  • Search exception form 
  • HR200/HR220 form for all employment actions listed above 

To further streamline the process and minimize forms, this process will be used by both grant and non-grant funded organizations/positions. 

Note:  Student hires, lecturers, non-benefit eligible temps and all positions in the Division of Industry and Defense Programs are exempt from this process. 

For more information, please email