Volunteers needed for Wichita Litter Study

Would you, your friends, your family or your organization like to be citizen scientists? The WSU Environmental Finance Center (EFC) is seeking volunteers to help with litter collection as part of the Wichita Litter Study. Volunteers will collect, count, categorize and record litter gathered in 12 identified locations around Wichita. 

The purpose of this study is to determine the types, amounts and potential sources of trash that can clutter up Wichita’s greenspaces and make their way into our waterways. Volunteers will clean targeted areas within the identified parks, while also categorizing the trash and collecting other important data. The EFC will then analyze the data and develop a report to share with city leaders and the community to help inform future programs to prevent and reduce litter in Wichita.   

Clean-up events are scheduled on both weekdays and weekends in June and July, and last approximately two hours. Trash bags, grabbers, buckets and other equipment will be provided.