Montana Loibl receives Graduate Teaching Award

Montana Loibl was announced as the 2021 recipient of the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award during a department meeting on May 7. The award recognizes exemplary contributions made by graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) who educate in mathematics and statistics.

A portion of Mr. Loibl’s teaching philosophy best describes his heart for education:

“Mathematics is a beautiful field of study which is developed through logical arguments and is in pursuit of the unknown, whether this be in the physical world around us, or the unexplored realms of a particular area of mathematical interest. To achieve an understanding, and more importantly, an appreciation of this commonly feared subject, a strong base of knowledge and discipline must be built. For my academic career, this ‘easier said than done’ statement has been the forerunning philosophy that has not only driven my studies as a student but has also played a vital role as an instructor. I encourage students to see mathematics as more than symbols and to seek out patterns and themes. It is an honor to be able to instruct and challenge the minds of those who want to better themselves and their community through the medium of higher education.”

Montana’s teaching and encouragement of his students were also said to be a factor in the department’s selection and said they were proud to present Montana with the award.