Status updates on the university’s transition to market-based compensation

Requests for working title submissions
Requests for 146 working titles were submitted by the May 14 deadline and have been reviewed.  Of the 146 requests, 125 were supported by HR, a few with minor edits for titling consistency or to provide more clarity. The remaining 21 requests will be sent to the divisional officer for review as they fell outside the guidelines established for a working title. Any requests for a working title submitted after the deadline will be processed when the systems transitions are complete in August.  

Status of updates to job descriptions in the new job catalog

Spreadsheets were sent to supervisors on April 27-28 with a list of all those they supervise. The spreadsheet contained the job description each employee’s job is mapped to in the new job catalog.  Supervisors were asked to share this information with each employee individually and encouraged to do so within two weeks. This information will be utilized for the individual market-based compensation statements and will be sent to supervisors the third week of June. As of May 28, we will pause on making updates to the job catalog until system transitions are complete in August.