COVID best practices update for the Wichita State campus

As we transition over the summer toward a return to in-person operations at Wichita State, we continue to update the campus on COVID best practices.

Reminders for ways to keep yourself and those around you safest include:

  • Get a COVID vaccine.
  • Masks for those who are unvaccinated are appreciated.
  • Continue your wellness checks.
  • Get a COVID test if you’re experiencing symptoms.
  • Practice good hand hygiene.

Additional updates and reminders: 

  • Printable outdoor COVID signs have been updated and are available on the online signage toolkit for office and building use. Go to to download and print a variety of signs related to COVID operations and safety. Please remember that all signs should be hung up with painter’s tape only.
  • Student Health Services and the RSC Information Desk will soon have “I’m vaccinated” buttons available for anyone who would like to wear them. They are not required, nor is proof of vaccination.
  • Do not ask a student, direct report, other staff/faculty member, or a campus guest whether they are vaccinated.

As always, the entire campus community’s understanding and flexibility has been – and continues to be – greatly appreciated.