Fall-risk monitoring study needs volunteers

Volunteers 65 years old and above are requested for a fall-risk monitoring study May 10-28 at Donald L. Beggs Hall (main lobby). The study is part of a research project funded by the Regional Institute on Aging. The purpose is to develop a wireless and flexible skin-wearable electronic device with motion sensors to identify the fall risk of older adults.


  • The research team will help participants to put the fall risk monitoring device onto the skin.
  • Each participant will be instructed to conduct five types of different daily activities (sitting, standing, lying, walking, climbing stairs, and running) as well as three types of falls (forward, backward and lateral falls).


  • This device test is expected to last about 60 minutes for fall risk monitoring and 30 minutes for additional education or paper works.
  • The fall-risk monitoring test will be conducted between May 10-28.

Inclusion and exclusion criteria

  • Participants must be age 65 years or older.
  • Participants should be able to stand up from a seated position and lay down from a standing position repeatedly at least 10 times and also walk, run, walk upstairs, and walk downstairs continuously at least for five minutes for each activity.
  • Participants should not have mobility or activity difficulty.
  • Participants should not have severe visual impairment and hearing loss problems.
  • Participants should not have cognitive impairment.

Participants will receive $100 Greenphire ClinCard for their participation. You can use the ClinCard at an ATM or like a debit card. Participants must have a valid Social Security Number to participate and to receive the payment.

If you are interested in participating in this study, please email Dr. Yongkuk Lee at yongkuk.lee@wichita.edu, or call 316- 978-7670.