Status update: Market-based compensation info for hiring activity June 1-July 16

PeopleAdmin, our applicant tracking and position management system, will be undergoing configuration changes and testing to support our transition to market-based compensation July 12-16. During this time there will be adjustments to the normal hiring activity, and Human Resources and those on Search Teams will not have access to the system and will be unable to:

  • View and disposition candidates
  • Approve and post new jobs
  • Initiate and approve hiring proposals

Candidates will still be able to apply to requisitions that were posted in advance of July 12, and candidates that have accepted offers will be able to continue and complete their onboarding.

In preparation for this system reconfiguration and to eliminate or mitigate any delay in the hiring process, please contact your talent consultant if you have a vacancy to fill after June 1. The consultant will assist you by identifying an appropriate job description in the job catalog.  They will then make sure you are apprised of any applicable dates that might impact your search and ensure you know everything required to have a complete submission.

If you need to know the talent consultant assigned to assist you, please email

Our goal is to minimize any delay the system reconfiguration and the transition to Market-Based Compensation could cause to all our end users, specifically our search teams and candidates. Below are some dates to follow to ensure no delays occur in the hiring process:

Posting a Position:

  • June 18 – Last day to submit a completed Position Exception Review Form. This will allow the time necessary for the approval process.
  • Approvals must be complete before July 6 in order to be posted by July 12.

 Search Waiver and Emergency hire:

  • June 25 – Last day to submit completed Search Exception Request Form. This will allow the time necessary for the approval process.

Hiring Proposals:

  • July 9 – Last day for all Hiring Proposals to be approved on offers that have been accepted. This will allow the time necessary to complete the hiring process prior to July 12.

Adhering to the above dates and ensuring submissions are complete will give the talent team the best ability to meet your needs.  Requests for hiring activity submitted after the above dates will resume activity when system functionality is restored July 17.