Welcome to the updated WSU Today

As of today, Strategic Communications has switched to the updated format of WSU Today. You might not notice much difference, but read below to learn more about some upgraded features.

Improvements to the updated format: 

  • Those who submit items to the newsletters will now have more control over the content-creation process, including being able to add links, bullet points and notes to the Strategic Communications staff. See above to watch a short video on how to submit.
  • Each submission to the newsletter will now live on its own web page, so you can share your own submission with whomever you want.
  • Each headline in the daily newsletter email will be clickable, taking you to that item in the web version of the newsletter.
  • For us here in Strategic Communications, these changes will allow us to greatly streamline the newsletter process and decrease errors.

What else do you need to know?

  • There is now a new link to submit to newsletters: news.wichita.edu. Click “Submit a News Item” to begin. We suggest you bookmark this link for future use. If you forget and submit to the old link instead, don’t worry; Strategic Communications will still receive your submission.
  • You do not need to do anything for previously submitted items. Those are being transferred to the new system.
  • Once we launch, you can view the old newsletters at wichita.edu/wsutodayarchive and wichita.edu/shockerblastarchive. The existing links (wichita.edu/wsutoday and wichita.edu/shockerblast) will then be redirected to the new newsletters.

For more information about how to use the new form submission link, or to submit feedback or questions, email sara.ornelas@wichita.edu or lainie.mazzullo@wichita.edu.