University schedule for 2021 holiday closedown

The holiday closedown period has been approved this year to commence at the end of the day on Friday Dec. 17 and reopen on Monday, Jan. 3. We are communicating the schedule at this time to ensure all employees can manage their time off appropriately. The closedown is 10 days, two of which are paid holidays. Classes will not be in session during this period.

Unclassified Professional and University Support Staff who would normally be scheduled to work the days may use accumulated vacation leave or their *2021 discretionary day during the holiday closedown. Non-exempt employees can also use accumulated compensatory time off during the holiday closedown.

If your role requires you to work during the holiday closedown it must be approved in advance by your immediate supervisor.

Closedown dates: 

  • Monday, Dec. 20
  • Tuesday, Dec. 21
  • Wednesday, Dec. 22
  • Thursday, Dec. 23
  • Friday, Dec. 24 (State Paid Holiday)
  • Monday, Dec. 27
  • Tuesday, Dec. 28
  • Wednesday, Dec. 29
  • Thursday Dec. 30
  • Friday, Dec. 31 (State Paid Holiday)

An employee must be in pay status the entire workday before and the entire workday after state holidays in order to receive holiday pay. The official state holidays are Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

For those who are required to work during the holiday closedown, we appreciate your dedication and service to the university.

*The discretionary day for 2021 must be used on or before Dec. 25, 2021.