Teaching this summer and fall: Day 5 questions about health

teaching for summer and fall

As we work to return to a more normal campus environment for summer and fall, the COVID Operations group would like to highlight some FAQs related to classroom instruction.  Additional questions can be directed to Carolyn.shaw@wichita.edu to be addressed by this operational group.

FAQs Set #5:  Questions about Health

  • Can instructors still wear a mask while providing instruction?
    • Yes.
  • Can instructors be compelled to take off their masks to teach?
    • No. This is a personal choice. If students have trouble with hearing or comprehension, a microphone might be advisable or use of a face shield instead of a mask. If an accommodation need exists, the instructor needs to consult with ODS.
  • Can instructors require masks in the classroom or when students visit their office?
    • No. We are following county guidelines. There is no longer a mask mandate. We can encourage COVID-healthy behaviors, including masking and distancing as space allows. It is fine to let your students know that you prefer that they wear a mask, but we cannot enforce it.
    • You may choose to meet students in a larger conference room if that is more comfortable than a smaller office or arrange for a virtual meeting instead.
  • If an instructor has students who want to socially distance and students who don’t, can they designate part of their classroom for distancing?
    • Instructors can manage seating in their classroom as they choose. We encourage instructors to spread students out in the classroom to the best extent possible.

Additional FAQs about teaching this summer and fall can be found on the COVID-19 university webpage.