Questions about the classroom and campus

As we make plans to return to a more normal campus environment for summer and fall, here are some select FAQs addressing questions we are hearing from students.

  • What will classes look like for summer and fall?
    • Regular classroom capacities will be resumed with no more distancing limitations in the classroom. Instructors may choose, however, to divide their classes as they have previously in order to have fewer students in a classroom at a time to maintain distancing. Our hybrid class codes will allow for flexibility in these course designs.
  • What happens if I get sick and cannot attend in-person class sessions? Are my instructors required to provide online-only content for me?
    • Instructors should be responsive to students who are sick, just as they were before the emergence of COVID-19, by helping students make up work and stay on track in class.
  • What should I do about my classes if I am in isolation or quarantine?
    • It is recommended that you reach out to all of your instructors, informing them that you may need additional time to complete work and/or miss any in- person classes due to being in quarantine or isolation.

 Additional FAQs about summer and fall can be found on