Questions about the classroom and campus

summer and fall classes

As we make plans to return to a more normal campus environment for summer and fall, here are some select FAQs addressing questions we are hearing from students.

  • What will classes look like for summer and fall?
    • Regular classroom capacities will be resumed with no more distancing limitations in the classroom. Instructors may choose, however, to divide their classes as they have previously in order to have fewer students in a classroom at a time to maintain distancing. Our hybrid class codes will allow for flexibility in these course designs.
  •  Is a condition that makes someone high risk for COVID-19 complications something that gets legal accommodation protections?
    • If a student claims a disability-related to COVID-19, they should contact the Office of Disability Service (ODS) by calling (316) 978-3309. There are certain disabilities that could make a person at higher risk for COVID-19 complications. ODS will determine if the student can receive legal accommodation protections.

 Additional FAQs about summer and fall can be found on