Shockers United campus reintegration staffing plan — Effective June 1, 2021

On June 1, 2021, the university will continue the Shockers United campus reintegration plan. This will include rescinding or revising a number of temporary policies and procedures, and reorienting our plans and protocols, as we transition over the summer toward a return to in person operations for fall 2021. The university’s plans, policies, and protocols implemented in response to COVID-19 supplement other existing university policies and procedures. These COVID related policies and procedures are contingent on current conditions and health guidance and are subject to change as deemed necessary by the University.

As we move forward, we should remain mindful of the guiding principles and public health considerations that have provided a framework for our response from the start of the pandemic. We should also continue to leverage technology enhancements (Zoom, Microsoft Team’s, and other virtual formats) and encourage basic health and safety practices that have served us well during the pandemic.

Health and Safety Practices

The university strongly encourages all employees to consider getting vaccinated.

During the reintegration phase, the university will modify the following health and safety measures:

  • Face Coverings – Face coverings are encouraged, but not required. In limited circumstances, face coverings may be required.
  • Social Distancing – Physical distancing is still encouraged where possible, but not required.
  • Personal Health Screening – Individuals are responsible for screening their personal health, staying home if sick, and seeking medical advice as appropriate. Individuals subject to any isolation or quarantine requirements imposed by the local health department remain responsible for complying with such requirements.
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting – Individuals should continue to keep the areas in which they personally work or are assigned to monitor sanitized. The University maintains a significant inventory of cleaning and disinfecting supplies. Supervisors may utilize the facilities work order system to request personal protective equipment (PPE), such as face coverings and disposable masks.
  • • Practicing Personal Hygiene – Individuals should continue to wash their hands often and use hand sanitizer when washing isn’t practical. Avoid touching your face, eyes, or nose, and use good respiratory etiquette like covering your mouth with your elbow when you cough or sneeze.

Remote Work

  • Starting June 1, 2021, the university will resume business operations which generally requires in person work. Exceptions to a return to previous work arrangements such as requests for remote work, will be made on a case by case basis and discussed with the supervisor. Such requests should follow the Remote Work Guidance.